Cicely Collection added to Catalogue

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Cicely Collection to our jewellery catalogue.

Designed by Teresa Shearer, the inspiration for the Cicely Range is taken from the Cicely plant seed, a lovely new range for everyday wear or special occasions.

We have also made some additions to our popular Glide Range, have a browse at the Collection to see the new pieces.


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Glide and Daisy: Two New Collections at Aurora Jewellery

Glide and Daisy: Two New Collections at Aurora Jewellery

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new collections to our range of fine jewellery – Glide and Daisy

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Orkney Slate Tartan

Orkney Slate Tartan

Man in KiltDesigned by Morag Ewing and exclusive to Aurora.

Grey tones are used to depict the wealth of ancient monuments, geological features, and flagstones that are found in Orkney.

Made to measure kilts (includes flashes),

  • hand stitched
  • heavyweight tartan – 16oz


We offer a full Highland ware service available for purchase including kilts, jackets, sporrans, shoes and all other accessories – hundreds of tartans available

Send and Enquiry

photo of men in kilts having a chat

If you live in Orkney and need to hire a kilt you may be interested in our Kilt Hire Service (Note that Okney Slate tartan is not availble in hire kilts) 

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Silver Jewellery for the Woman in Your Life

Silver Jewellery for the Woman in Your Life

Buying silver jewellery for that special someone in your life? This article will help you avoid being a bit of a klutz when it comes to selecting the right piece. At a time when the price of gold has gone through the roof, silver jewellery has a chance to shine. Silver is a sophisticated, beautiful metal much admired by fine jewellery collectors.

Step One – be prepared

Make sure you know what her taste in silver jewellery is. Ask subtle questions, look at magazines together and get a feel for what type of silver jewellery floats her boat. What’s already in her silver jewellery collection? Does she need a piece to match the favourite piece that she never takes off? Is she collecting a particular set of fine jewellery that you could add to? Does she wear small delicate items or big, bold ones? Do your homework so that you have a clear focus before you brave the silver jewellery store whether it is on-line or on the high street.

Step Two – be discerning

Aim for quality and not quantity. Better to buy one well designed, beautifully crafted item of silver jewellery than a host of inferior quality pieces that might look good at the start but won’t last. Good quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Aside from the big brand, mass produced silver jewellery companies, there are talented makers running small businesses with a wealth of top quality, unique fine jewellery designs – you just need to look past the big names to find the treasure!

Step Three – beware hidden meanings

If your relationship is in its early stages or is not particularly serious whatever you do don’t choose a diamond piece. As well as being a girl’s best friend diamonds are symbols of undying love whether they are on a beautiful engagement ring or on a tiny pair of earrings. When looking at all the silver jewellery on offer it’s worth remembering that sapphires mean friendship, pearls say purity and rubies, well rubies are for passion. Be aware and you’ll be sure to save any blushes on your, or her, part.

Step Four- be style conscious

Once you’ve made it into the jewellery store and you’re faced with a vast array of loveliness just take a moment to think about style. Consider the shape of her face, the length of her neck, her age. A heart shaped face will suit a V style neck piece whilst a pair of long drop earrings will help elongate a square face. A short neck can be “lengthened” by a Y shape necklace while a choker will complement a youthful, long neck. A basic rule of thumb could be that petite women will prefer delicate fine jewellery pieces and the larger lady will go for larger, bolder pieces but beware, there are always exceptions the rules.

Step Five – size matters

Don’t choose the perfect piece of silver jewellery and fall at the last hurdle! Have at least an idea of the size of items your lady wears. This is relevant to neck pieces when a particularly slim neck might require a shorter chain or alternatively, a thicker neck might require a longer one. Wrist sizes need to be established for bangle purchases and rings are very tricky indeed to buy if the finger size is not known. Always err on the large side if you are unsure, then at least the item can be tried on and admired when it is presented even if it has to be re-sized to fit properly. There is a school of thought that rings should be avoided unless you are married to the lady in question as the presentation of a ring box could lead to a misunderstanding and red faces!

Step Six – make it look fabulous

So you’ve made your choice, you have a lovely piece of jewellery that ticks all the boxes but you can’t gift wrap for love nor money. Just ask the shop assistant or the online store to wrap it beautifully for you – it may cost you extra but it will be money well spent- then sit back in the knowledge that it’s a job well done.

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